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As a family run company, Mia Adora helps defend those who cannot defend themselves. We support organizations who help defend and protect children as young as three years old and women who have been exposed to sex trafficking. 

The vision of Not4Sale is to raise funds and to establish safe-houses for children who are exploited in the sex industry. Not4Sale is setting up safe-houses with the goal to provide long-term safe-havens and education to numerous young girls. 

These children need a place where they know they are loved; a place where they can heal physically and emotionally; and a place where they can be children again. Our safe-homes provide a home environment where the girls will have counselling, training in a trade and a family structure with house parents and other girls.

Current Project: Mexico

Not4Sale is currently working on establishing a safe house in Mexico. 

The number of children exploited in the sex-trade industry is staggering, and the need for help is real and immediate. ​While we hope that one day human trafficking will be abolished, we know that right now children can be rescued and restored in body, soul and spirit.

​Everyone is invited to join this fight! Together with your help and support, we can reach more children.

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